Monday, March 9, 2015

My Figure Collection 2015 March Update

For today's blog post, I'll be sharing about another side of me.
The love of collecting figures! :D

It started last year... I had colleagues that are into collecting figures like One Piece and Funko Pop.
I am a ONE PIECE FAN! I love the character Portgas D Ace... so that's why I have so many figures of him but... compared to other collectors, my Ace "shrine" is not yet awesome. LOL

and now... I will have a photo spam of my collection! :)

here's my One Piece Figure Collection. :D

My Ace collection



Figuarts Zero Portgas D Ace Battle Ver.

Half Age Portgas D Ace

Cry heart Portgas D Ace

Grandline Children Portgas D Ace

HSCF Portgas D Ace

Half Age Luffy

HSCF Luffy

Grandline Children Sabo

Panson Works X One Piece Portgas D Ace

Eternal Calendar Tony Tony Chopper

WCF History of Ace (I have one piece missing)

^ looks super awesome! My fave piece in History of Ace collection ^

QPosket Perhona

My newest addition to my One Piece collection...
YAY! ASL Brotherhood!

- I super love these :3 


I was fond of the cuteness of the Funko POP line and I decided to collect the Assassin's creed ones and some Star Wars ones... I have pending pre-orders so I haven't got the other ones yet.

I don't let them out of the box because I don't have a glass cabinet yet... and according to other Funko Pop collectors... the ones that are kept in their boxes have greater value than those that are let out of the box. Hmmm I might or might not sell 'em in the future... LOL

My only Star Wars Funko Pop(yet) and those figs on top that I got from a really cheap bargain of lot items... It's a Kubrick and a Pepsi Next Bearbrick.

I LOVE THE WALKING DEAD and I definitely love Daryl Dixon! :)

NEXT collection... plushies! :3

I love Chopper! Super kawaii~ :3

- end of photo spam-

Well that's about it! My collection is not that huge(yet) LOL I have incoming pre-orders for my One Piece Collection and Funko Pop collection... so I'll update again once they arrive. 

I still keep all of them inside a storage box 'cause I haven't bought a glass cabinet yet. I will buy one in the near future.

whew... it has been awhile... I really miss blogging! :) I hope I could post more often.

Thanks for reading! :D
If you're a figure collector and you're reading this please comment your blog site or if you have any photo references of your collection... feel free to share it and put the link on the comments section. :D

'til my next post!
<3 Lyanne