Thursday, March 26, 2015

#TBT Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair 2014

Hi! :D since I'm posting this on a thursday might as well have a throwback blog post.

This event took place last December 2014. I had no time to post about it because of my busy schedule at work and also holiday activities with my family. :)
Now I have time to post it... might as well share my experience there.

Toy fair events here in Manila, PH usually last for three days and always scheduled on a weekend. :)
Christmas Toys and Collectibles Fair was held at SM Mega Mall, Megatrade Hall.

I'm going to spam some photos again and also leave some commentary. :D

Let the PHOTO SPAM begin!! :D

^The Homer Simpson figures looks so cool! The Chucky doll looks so creepy D:

Took photos of some booths inside the event area. :)

^Lego Star Wars so cool! :)

^The Walking Dead Funko POPs

^ Cute MH powerbank :3

^Ughh those Star Wars figures >.< *looks at wallet... nope... :/

^pricey~ *o*

^One Piece figures are really popular in the Philippines.
 I am also a One Piece figure collector. :)

^Huge Funko POP GOTG Rocket Racoon, Minion and GOT Tyrion.

^I would love to own that Deadpool :3

^Funko POPs everywhere!

^I remembered watching Back To The Future(again) last weekend... still not tired of watching it for the nth time. :) This Funko Pop Marty Mcfly with the DeLorean looks so cool!

^dat Darth Vader! @.@

^cheap PS3 cds!

^Lots of Baymax toys everywhere! Big Hero 6 mania at that time!

^this is soo random and I thought it was so cute so I took a photo of this cute dog... as I left the event area I saw this cute dog peeking out of its master's backpack. LOL

^Toy fair haul~ just bought these 2 Tony Tony Chopper keychains. One for me and my collector best friend who's crazy over Chopper! :) He collects Chopper figures. 
I didn't had any budget at that time 'cause I had a lot of pre-orders online... so I did not bother buying figures during the event.

That's the end of my photo spam! :)
I hope you like looking at the photos I took from the Toy fair event. Lol :D

'til my next blog post! :)
<3 Lyanne

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