Monday, December 17, 2012


I'm gonna spend my holidays in Singapore with my family and relatives :) So excited! :)
Will be posting my daily activities during my trip there. I'm gonna stay there for 17 days so it's going to be fun!

Stay tuned for my future posts about Singapore :)


--- Lyanne

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Saturday, December 1, 2012

College girl Budget friendly beauty stuff (Moisturizing Stuff)

Okay soo~ I must urge this saying of mine... "SKIN! SKIN! SKIN!" before you buy those pretty pretty makeup stuffs... you must take care of your most precious SKIN! Don't neglect it or your bad skin condition will get worse. ;) so... today :D I will show you my moisturizing stuffs~ LOL! here we go! (/^o^)/

#1 My Skin Lotion: NIVEA Extra Whitening Cell Repair & Protect Body Milk

Opinion: I've been using this body lotion for almost 2 years now and I'm still loving it! :) It keeps my skin radiant and smooth... and it also prevents my skin on darkening. :) 
Usage:  I use this twice a day~ after bath and before going to bed.
- it's not sticky after you put some on your skin.
- lovely smell~ :)
- affordable! :) I bought the 125ml bottle it costs like 139php(available @ Watsons and Supermarkets  here in the Philippines)
BAD :(
- none :)
RATE: 8.5/10 may not be the best whitening lotion but it's budget friendly :)

#2 My Facial Moisturizers
- there are two brands of facial moisturizer that I use daily :)


iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream
- I indicated the details and review of this moisturizer on my previous blog post you could read it here ==>(
Opinion: this is water-based so it's best using it during the day. Your skin wouldn't be oily~ :)
My skin is a combination of dry and oily~ my T-zone is the oily part and my cheeks are kinda dry~
PRICE: 22php/sachet(available @ Watsons & Mercury drug stores here in the Philippines)
RATE: 8.5/10 --- it is a must try facial moisturizer :) and really effective!


Nivea Creme
- I'm really new with this moisturizer... I've been using this for I think two months now... I saw my friend using it and she said that she uses it before she goes to sleep. sooo I gave it a try :)
Opinion: this moisturizer is so oily~ so it's really best using during night time. I don't recommend that you also apply it on your nose if it's oily~ 
When I wake up in the morning my skin feels moisturized :) soo I'm kinda loving this moisturizer.
Price: I think this costs like around 175php? It's the medium sized one :) I think the smaller size costs around 70php... but I think it's best to buy the medium sized one 'cause it is more budget friendly and I'm still using it for like 2 months now and I haven't bought another one~ ;)
- well I like waking up in the morning feeling my face is really moisturized. So thumbs up for that :)
- I've been using it for 2 months now and I haven't bought a new one. :) really practical :)
BAD :(
- it's hard to use it when you apply it with your's really sticky and oily so I use this  pack spatula from ETUDE HOUSE(69php)
about the spatula: I know the price is kinda not worth buying but it's really safe for your skin~ the spatula's surface is really smooth :) really great for the skin. :)

RATE: 7.5/10 --- not the best moisturizer that I have but for budget purposes... it is a must try product. :)

#3 My Body Soap: Dove Beauty Cream Bar

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Opinion: I'm using this soap for almost 2 years now :) and it never failed me! :D Well I really think this is a soap that most ladies use... :) am I right? xD
Price: 55php(available @ Watsons & Supermarkets) --- this is the large size one :)
RATE: 9/10 --- the best soap I'm using so far :)

#4 My Body Scrub: A Bonne Spa Milk Salt
for more details about this product check out my previous blog post ==> ( 
yeahhhh~ I'm kinda lazy....xD LOL!

SOO... yeah! that's about it :) That is all the moisturizing stuff I use :) and are all my own opinions...and I know my skin is not that really perfect but taking care of your skin is VERY VERY important! My reviews on these products might vary to some of you :) well I'm just sharing some great products to yah~ ;)

I'm really excited on purchasing that Hada Labo Arbutin Lotion~ 17 days to go before our Singapore trip xD can't wait to try that product. :)

'til my next post~ :D

--- Lyanne <3