Thursday, January 19, 2017

REVIEW TIME: Hello Kitty x Colourpop - Hello Pretty Set

It's time for another product review! :) I felt guilty for not blogging for these past few months... I was so busy because of work. There are times that I don't have any energy to make a blog post... and then the holidays came... :( but now I have some spare time to write a review about what I got from the collaboration of Hello Kitty and Colourpop! Yay! :D

So I ordered this set from a local seller her online store name is
I also ordered 2 of the Fall edition sets from her. I will also do a review for that. ;) 
Anyway... review time! :D




Inside the box

- the packaging looks so cute! I love it! Oh and also on the top of the inside flap has a mirror on it. 
I forgot to include it.