Thursday, January 19, 2017

REVIEW TIME: Hello Kitty x Colourpop - Hello Pretty Set

It's time for another product review! :) I felt guilty for not blogging for these past few months... I was so busy because of work. There are times that I don't have any energy to make a blog post... and then the holidays came... :( but now I have some spare time to write a review about what I got from the collaboration of Hello Kitty and Colourpop! Yay! :D

So I ordered this set from a local seller her online store name is
I also ordered 2 of the Fall edition sets from her. I will also do a review for that. ;) 
Anyway... review time! :D




Inside the box

- the packaging looks so cute! I love it! Oh and also on the top of the inside flap has a mirror on it. 
I forgot to include it.



 2 lippies included in the set:
1 Ultra Glossy Lip (KT)
1 Ultra Matte Lip (RIBBON)

 The HK ribbon detail is so cute!


KT: Glittery glossy gold. When you apply on your lips it's so shimmery.
RIBBON:  Vivid red, warm tone kind of matte color.


I'm kind of disappointed with the Matte lippie because it smudge a lot when I tried it on my lips. If I'm not careful enough when I'm eating or tried to wipe something off my lips it'll smudge horribly. I guess it'll be good for just taking photos and not when you need to eat or drink. It transfers pretty easily.

The glossy one seems fine but I'm not really a fan of glossy lippies so I haven't used it that much.

It's very disappointing that I'm allergic to ColourPop liquid lipsticks... TT__TT I hate it because I bought a lot of lippies and I ended up giving it all away. I don't know why my lips got irritated maybe because I used it everyday? I'm not really sure but I suffered a lot with the lip allergy during the holiday season. I can't even put any lipstick on during special occasions. I needed to take anti-allergy meds just to get rid of it. *sigh... oh well... I would have loved ColourPop because of their wide range of shades but sadly I'm ALLERGIC. :(
It doesn't mean it's a bad product but it really depends on your lips if it's sensitive to lipsticks or not. 

- because I'm allergic :( but the shades are nice. 


Hello Kitty x ColourPop Super Shock Shadow
From L-R: Sticker Sheet, Juicy, Bento box, Juicy Apple

 I totally lost the photo of where I swatch them myself :/ (source: ColourPop website)

I love it! <3 It's super pigmented and also easy to blend. :) 

- I don't have any negative feedback with their eye shadow and also a lot of people loved their super shock shadow because it's super pigmented. I'll definitely buy their eyeshadows again. :)

Hello Kitty x ColourPop Super Shock Cheek
L - Fun With Friends R- Yummy Cookies 


It's super perfect for achieving like natural shimmering look on the cheeks. I super love it! I use it everyday. <3 It's very pigmented and it's not really difficult to blend.

- definitely going to buy other shades of ColourPop blush. <3 

Here's the photo of the whole set! I'd say the price is very affordable it's around 2000+ pesos from Beauty with Shine it's not the same price as indicated on ColourPop website because not everyone has Credit Cards(btw I'm not rich... I'm just a lady who works in a bit above average pay job here in PH) so people tend to rely on online sellers which is fine with me. Business is business. :) It is better for you if you buy it directly from their site because they have free International shipping when you reach the amount needed for them to ship it for free. Anyway... this review is super late. lol This set is still available for you to buy. :) So buy one if you're a super fan of Hello Kitty or just someone who loves makeup. 

This ends my review... til' next time lovelies