Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi Dubai! - Kinokuniya, The Dubai Mall

And yet another Hi Dubai blog post! :) I hope you liked my previous post about The Dubai Mall.
Here's the link of my previous post:

One of my fave places in The Dubai mall is of course...
All of the otaku, geeky and bookworm stuff are probably there.
Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain operated by Kinokuniya Company Ltd. (株式会社紀伊國屋書店 Kabushiki-gaisha Kinokuniya Shoten), founded in 1927, with its first store located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It means "Store of Kii Province".(from Wikipedia)

The first Kinokuniya store I visited was in Singapore like 2 years ago, I was super happy because I love art books and they have like a bunch of them at Kinokuniya and also Japanese magazines that are really rare to find in my home country.

On this blog post I will photo spam all of the things that I saw inside Kinokuniya well mostly
the geeky stuff. LOL!

Let the photo spam begin!
and oh the photos I took are from the first time that I went to Kinokuniya! :D

Hello Kinokuniya! :D

First ones I had to check out...were... 

STAR WARS stuff! lol 

DARTH VADER!! (sadly I did not buy one)

There were more Star Wars stuff but I was not able to take photos of it all just the ones that really caught my attention. :)


I love Funko Pop! Although I left my collection in PH because I can't really bring them here in Dubai.

next is Otaku stuff!

I collect One Piece figures too! :)
I blogged about it months ago you can check it out >>>


I'm like... *heavy breathing
I want to have em all! 

more figures... 
they have a lot I just did not took a photo of them all.

and... I also celebrated my birthday few weeks ago.
I turned 24 this year. :D
My boss told me to pick what I like for my birthday as a gift from him 
when me, my colleagues and my boss(we were like a family lol) went to Kinokuniya on my birthday.
It was so cool of him! :)

So I got... of course...


I love it!! :D so happy! :)

and this ends my Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall post! ;)

I'm planning to blog about food choices you can find in Dubai Mall.
So you can try it out when you visit Dubai.

I hope you liked my blog post!
'til next time!

- Lyanne <3

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hi Dubai! - The Dubai Mall experience Pt.1

It has been awhile since I blogged and now I have the time to do so. :)
On my previous blog post I talked about my new life here in Dubai and still up to now I can't believe that my love for video games landed me a job here in Dubai. Anyway you can read my previous post if you want to know about it.

Planning on visiting Dubai? I suggest you should put it on your go to list is The Dubai Mall! :D

One of my first "touristy" experience is when our boss took us to The Dubai Mall. 
The Dubai mall is the world's largest mall... seriously it is! I was super tired walking around and I haven't really explored the mall that much.

I will now have a photo spam... :D

 I tried taking a panoramic photo with my iPhone... I think I have failed lol



 Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

I'm like stores...stores... everywhere! 

 Food Court

 Actually the reason why we went to The Dubai Mall because we had to check out Jollibee(famous fast food chain in the Philippines) Apparently there were a lot of people lined up because it was Jollibee's grand opening. I bet most of the people who waited on queue were Filipinos. One way to taste a bit of home.

 Game Arcade! I did not get to see the whole place but it looks really cool by just looking at it from the outside.

These were the photos I took when we first went there and then went back the second time to check out the Dinosaur display, Dancing Fountain and Burj Khalifa that our boss told us to check out.

This time our boss told us to experience riding the Metro.

It was a very long walk from the train station to The Dubai Mall. You can see Burj Khalifa as you walk.

What I love Dubai's Metro, a lot of famous tourist spots and places are very accessible.

 So this was the dinosaur that our boss mentioned to us. It was really huge. xD
Me and Burj Khalifa! :)

And I also made a short music video using iMovie about my trip to Dubai mall with my colleagues.

I'm doing another part of my Dubai Mall experience where mostly food will be involved and also maybe a post about Kinokuniya! :)

 To know more about what shops in Dubai Mall visit their website

I hope you like my blog post! :) Leave a comment if you want to know more about places to visit in Dubai.
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'til my next post!
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