Tuesday, June 24, 2014

STAR WARS overload~

Haven't blogged for months... I have a draft of a blog post about highly recommended products for skin care... but I haven't done it yet. LOL!

Well while at work when I don't have anything to do, I just go around searching for some stuff on google. 
I'm on a Star Wars hype right now since a friend at work made me watch the series again LOL.(Haven't watched Episodes 4-6 yet) 
I was a fan even before since a friend of my parents' introduced me to Star Wars when I slept over at their house. They made me watch the first series of Star Wars movies(80s) and since then I was a fan. Even though I don't really understand it as a child. 
Anyways... recently I watched the series... and I was an instant super fan now...(but not in a super geeky way... no offense though) I just appreciate the art and how Star Wars was made. :)
So I did research some cool Star Wars collectibles and stuff LOL

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These cute figures from Funko >>> http://www.funko.com/
If you're from the Philippines you can buy Funko Pop figures here >>> Web: http://greattoysonline.com/ FB page: https://www.facebook.com/greattoys

These are random photos of Star Wars stuff from Kiddyland, Harajuku, Japan that I saw on google.

These are from the listed Star Wars Merch from the official Star Wars website >>> http://starwars.com/shop/

Shirts from UNIQLO

Shirts from SPINNS

Finally this Star Wars Xbox 360 Edition! so loove~

There are a lot more Star Wars merch... just check out the Star Wars Official site. :)


so cool~ :)

May the force be with you! LOL

'til my next post!
<3, Lyanne