Friday, September 12, 2014

What's Up?: Kawaii in Manila 2 EXPERIENCE!

Very late blog post because I got sick and busy at work! 
but finally I can share to you my experience in attending


So to start off... lookie this Kawaii in Manila 2's poster

SUPER KAWAII! :D although there were other poster designs but this caught my eye.

I pre-ordered tickets to avoid long lines~ @.@ I went with my sister Maya.
Unfortunately we arrived kinda late... there were a lot of people already queuing for tickets and checking their names on the guest list but it was fine I just felt so happy to attend Kawaii in Manila 2!

Disclaimer: I apologize if this blog post will be long and will be spammed with photos. LOL @.@

So Kawaii means cute in Japanese language!
For me kawaii is a lifestyle and a form of self expression.
Knowing that Kawaii PH exists made me happy because it means
 that there are a lot of people who appreciate this kind of lifestyle.
HOORAY for Kawaii PH! :D

soo... this is my KAWAII IN MANILA 2 EXPERIENCE! :)


upon entering the venue~

-yay! the instax booth free snaps for the attendees! :D

FREE ICE CREAM! (too bad I can't have one :( darn cough)

- this is so cool~ :) it seems like my sister's at Takeshita-dori, Harajuku. Japan LOL~ but it's just a background provided by Kawaii in Manila for taking Kawaii snapshots. :)

lotsa people already?! *o* AWESOME!

Walked around the venue to check out some booths selling awesome goodies! :) although I haven't snapped photos of all of the booths in the venue 'cause I had trouble with squeezing myself through the crowd.~ @.@ 

Ms. Yukie Akiyama of Lucy Pop Japan!(wearing blue top)

soo many kawaii little budget LOL~ although I'm not a big spender because I might regret buying a thing in the future because it won't be any use to me at all~ :/ so I bought a few stuff for myself and for my sister just for souvenirs.



Behold! The stage!

Le crowd~

le hosts~ :)

live paint :D

I had difficult in snapping photos because I'm not tall enough :( so some of the photos I took are blurred... so I just picked out good ones. :/

Ikemen guy contest~ haven't snapped a photo of the visual kei guy 'cause he moves so fast. @.@ 


My sister Maya and me~ :) I'm wearing a flu mask because I have cough and cold. :(


with Porco Rosso~ :)

met my old boss, Greco(the guy with the hot pink hair LOL), from the Art group that 
I joined a few years back. We used to join exhibits in anime and komikon conventions
 together with the group :) 

the cool DJ guy~ he grooves to the tunes he plays. :D

so kawaii! :D Ponyo & Kiki cosplay~

this guy randomly poked my cheek cause he was asking 
why I was wearing a flu mask~ @.@ I told him I am sick that's why. :/

yay sick me~ @.@ pink flu mask FTW!

Very talented lady indeed~ :) 
Check out her blog:

she's really awesome~ Official illustrator for Kawaii in Manila ;)

- I really look awkward here because I didn't know what to do 'cause I'm a big fan of Kaila! ;A; and I finally met her! *cries internally ... I did not want to burst into tears(of joy of course) 'cause the ones who approached her first literally cried in front of her so Kaila got a little teary-eyed also... soo I did not want her to cry at the middle of the event. O.o I'm not exaggerating about what I felt when I met her it's just that she's such an inspiration because her blog is so awesome~ *o*
Check out her blog:

been a fan of hers ever since she was just starting to create a name for dolldelight :) 
and I'm glad that I met her. :)
I told her that I was her "stranger" facebook friend... then she asked my name and she remembered('cause I often like her posts and also comment sometimes) and then we laughed LOL~ 
Check out her blog:

it was such an honor to take a photo with Tricia Gosingtian ;A; I am a big fan of her blog too! She's really famous here in the Philippines and around Asia too. That's why I'm so happy that I had this chance to meet her. :)
Check out her blog:

I never thought that I could take a photo with this awesome guy~ look how kawaii we are! ;p

such a kakkoi guy! :D
 (the camera was dying on me so I had to quickly snap a photo of him that's why it's kinda blurred :( no spare batteries) 
Check out their website!:

so I failed to snap photos of some of the important people that are also behind Kawaii in Manila 2. :(
'cause the camera's battery died. :/ 


got a lot of flyers~ LOL :)

super love that One Piece ribbon~ and the Stormtrooper bottle cap necklace 
to match the Star Wars tee that I wore. 

I'm really looking forward to another kawaii convention like this.
It was really fun and I felt confident and accepted with this 
kind of community existing in the Philippines. :)

In my opinion... being into Japanese subculture 
doesn't mean you're turning away from your roots 
but it could also fused into two that will create
 another form of Kawaii that can coexist here in the Philippines. :)

Will continue to support Kawaii in Manila/Kawaii Philippines!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog post~ :)

'til my next post!
- Lyanne <3