Thursday, December 8, 2016

REVIEW TIME!: Eco Tools Makeup brush starter set

It's time for another product review! :D My last blog post was about Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0. Click the link below if you want to read the review.

I got this Eco Tools Makeup brushes last month and I loved it! The price is not that bad for a vegan type of makeup brush set. This is not actually my first makeup brush set. I bought a mini set of makeup brushes at F21 before and it's not that bad. 

 Anyhoo! Let's go review this! ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2016

REVIEW TIME! Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0

Hi yah everyone! :) I recently bought Aprilskin Magic Snow Cushion 2.0 because I saw video ad about it then I found an online shop based here in PH that sells it.
Link here >>>

Aprilskin claims to be the hottest brand in Korea 

and their products are made of natural ingredients for a healthy and beautiful skin.

So a quick introduction about the product! You can watch the videos below.

It's quite convincing right?? :o
So I immediately bought one and the good thing is I bought it for a discounted price of 975php(reg. price 1300php) 








 (sponge type cushion)

-the compact is so light-weight, it's perfect for your lil' makeup pouch.

Watch the video below on how to apply.


excuse my not so pleasant looking hand lol!



- I am very convinced how it is easy to apply and blend on my skin but I'm not a fan of a dewy look. :/


- true to how it was advertised.
- doesn't have a weird smell.
- I love how light-weight the compact, 
so I can fit it inside my lil' makeup pouch.


- My skin type is combination so... this is not the perfect cushion for me. 
The product was so hyped so I kinda bought it impulsively. LOL

- I first tried applying it on top of my usual BB cream... 
the result was disastrous! After a few hours it 
became cakey and my pores were visible and looks really bad.

- Then second I tried applying Shiseido Baby Pressed Powder
 on top of it and... it looks so baaad after a few hours! 
I guess I need a better finishing powder for this one 
or it is better not to apply anything on top of it.

- I tried applying it without any other products... 
still it became cakey and very oily after a few hours.


Well... I know it's not for my skin type! LOL Daang advertisements... :p but all in all it's a really good product for people that has dry skin and also people who lives in a country that has winter season. I do not recommend it if you live here in PH because it gets so oily after a few hours or maybe it's just me because I have combination skin type. 
IMPORTANT TIP! I suggest that you have a really good skin care regimen because it is really difficult to apply if you do not take good care of your skin. Notice the Korean ladies who were in the video they almost have a really good smooth skin despite of the acne(you can't really have a perfect skin y'know). I really emphasized the word "good" lol! jk

If you have Oily/Combination skin they have a matte version of the cushion... 
watch the video below.

I might buy the fixing cushion soon so I'll try it for myself 
if it's good enough for my skin type.

Anyway it is still your decision whether you want to buy the product or not
 but I hope this review will help you decide. :)

Thank you for reading! :) I will be having more reviews in the future! 

disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post. All of my opinions are honest and true.
images and videos: via Aprilskin FB page, image graphics(heart and stars) by

Thursday, November 3, 2016

#tbt Middle East Film and Comic Con 2016 preview - pt. 1 -

Long time... no blogging! :( I haven't updated my blog for more than a year now. I just had so many things going on in my life for the past year and I don't have any time to do blogging... So anyway I decided to make a video of the highlights about my experience from my first Comic Con in Dubai! It was so awesome! :) I'll make another post with photos that I took around the convention and including the 2nd part of my highlights video. I'm going to do my best to post more from now on. :D

HERE'S the video! ENJOY! :)