Tuesday, June 25, 2013

なつかし!Nostalgia~ JAPAN 2008 Part 1

It has been almost 5 years since the first time I have visited JAPAN...  I miss JAPAN! ;A;
Soo anyway... I traveled alone when I went there... I was 16 years old turning 17... and it was NATSU(Summer) season there. :) August! It was 5 days before my 17th birthday so I was really happy to celebrate my birthday there with my relatives.

I arrived at NARITA Airport maybe 8pm~ but I was held inside a waiting room 'cause I was a minor and traveling alone... they confirmed where I'm going to stay... and I told them at Sagamihara... I was out of that waiting room at exactly 9pm... I actually cried 'cause I didn't know what to do because the last bus that is bound to Machida is around 9pm... ;A; I missed it... I looked for a public pay phone to call my aunt in Sagamihara... to make the story short... My aunt in Sagamihara called my other aunt that lives in Shibuya(which is much closer to the airport) to pick me up at the airport... whew... So I went out and sat at the bench outside.
I took a picture of the waiting area :) sorry for the low quality photo... I took using my old Nokia phone~ LOL... ^^;  Soo... I'm going to put some major events that happened in my 1 month vacation in Japan! :)


I have a few photos of  what's around Sagamihara~ I don't have a digital camera before soo... I just took some using my phone :(
 - this is like a highway that is going to Yokohama.

 - I love this store~ :) I'm a videogamer so yeah this is like an awesome place! :) that person on the photo above is my cousin. :)

Lots and lots of videogames! :) from old school consoles to the modern ones 

my two cousins~ :)

-- this outside of the apartment building where my Aunt's family lives. :)

--- going to Sagamihara Train Station :)

--- I love Japan's vending machines :) 

--- Public pay phone booth :)

--- view from my Aunt's apartment terrace. :)

--- ahhh :)

How I really wish to go back there again :( with a digital camera on hand... I would snap lots of photos for sure... well I have to save up money...(airplane ticket doesn't come cheap y'know) 


During the day scenario... this like 7 in the morning so it seems so quiet, peaceful and not a lot of people around yet.

During the NIGHT scenario... lots of people! D:

Machida Tokyu Twins --- haven't gone inside of that place though... LOL

Me and my relatives celebrated my birthday @ TGI Friday's! Yummy food!  That's me at the middle LOL!

I don't know what street is this... :/ hmm but this where TGI Friday's is at.

My Birthday cake that my Aunt bought for me~ I will never forget this cake... :) How it
tasted and soo it's unique 'cause back where I'm from there's no cake similar like those made in Japan. :(

to be continued... :)
next part will be about my visit at Harajuku and Disneyland~ :)