Monday, May 29, 2017

Polyphia in MNL! (Scott and Tim)

Hi everyone! As you can see... I'm blogging often now! lol Anyway, I went to Polyphia's Ibanez 2017 Guitar clinic tour in Asia last May 24, 2017 at Cowboy Grill, Quezon City. It was a really awesome experience seeing them perform live and also talked about how they started playing the guitar & shared some tips to improve on guitar playing.
I'm not really familiar when it comes to their kind of genre... even though I play the guitar. It's still cool that I discovered them recently from a friend before they went here in Manila. I hope they'll perform here as a band because only Scott LePage and Tim Henson were the ones who went to perform(well duh LOL). Anyhooo! Here's a video that I edited like last week...

They had a Meet & Greet! So they signed my guitar pick! It was so AWESOME!

I'm looking forward to more live performances and concerts that I will definitely go and watch!

I'm going to PHOENIX Live in Manila this August! I'll blog about that for sure. :D

'til my next post,