Wednesday, May 24, 2017

GUIDE: to your first Comic Con!

Hi everyone! I'm sure you have read the title of this post and of course now you have an idea on what I'm about to share to you. Okay then, sent me an email and inspired me to make this blog post (and guide) for first-time Comic con attendees. I am very grateful because I really love attending comic cons and sharing my experience to everyone.   
They also told me that Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con will be held next month on June 23-25, 2017 at Las Vegas Convention Center (link here: ) Awesome guests will be there like Stan Lee, Todd Mcfarlane, Adam West, Burt Ward and many more. Also loads of fun activities and exhibits. If you're from Vegas or willing to fly to Vegas, go ahead and attend Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con.
Is it your first-time to attend a comic con (well even if you're a seasoned attendee)?... this guide is for you!

Of course, every comic con attendee always has that feeling of excitement when the day of comic con is near!

but are you COMIC CON ready??


First part of planning... Is the comic con venue near your place or not? If not, I'd suggest you plan it in advance and think about your budget on where you'll stay. If you're going to Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con check Las Vegas Deals for hotel accommodations and if you're flying to Vegas for comic con... you can also check flights + book a hotel in one go! How convenient is that? :D

Second part of planning... Make a checklist of things you need to bring and if you're staying at a hotel make sure that you'll bring enough clothes for the rest of the comic con period and also the necessities when traveling. 

Here's a checklist I made of important things you need to bring to comic con:

  • Ticket - Very important! If you bought tickets online in advance make sure to bring/screenshot your proof to claim your ticket.
  • Phone - If you have friends to meet, of course you'll need communication to contact them. Also phones nowadays have a camera, so you can take photos too.
  • Cash - You need those ka-ching ka-ching! Set a budget per day so you won't blow it all off too soon.
  • Hand Sanitizer - germs... are... everywhere! Sanitize your hand from time to time.
  • Sharpie - It's an essential! You'll never know when you'll encounter a celebrity so you can ask for an autograph on the spot.
  • Powerbank - or should I say powerbanks. You don't want your phone/camera dying on you in the most important moments of your comic con experience.
  • Camera - IT'S A MUST BRING ITEM! So you can record the fun and awesome memories of your comic con experience.
  • Extra shirt - there will be a lot of people at the convention so that means it'll get sweaty. 
  • Bottle of water - you need hydration because you'll definitely do a LOT of walking and running. 
  • Snacks - pack some snacks for when you don't have time to go out and eat. 

Planning your attire... If you're not cosplaying, I'd suggest that you wear comfy clothes and shoes so it'll be less of a hassle for you walking around the venue and believe me it's really exhausting walking around the whole day! Also, bring an extra top because you might get sweaty at the venue if there are a lot of people attending... bring one extra shirt just in case.

What kind of bag to bring... I suggest that you should bring a backpack so you can have room to pack all of your important stuff and merch that you bought at the convention. You can also bring an extra tote bag for the stuff you bought just in case it doesn't all fit inside your backpack.


Check... if you have all the things you need before going to the convention center. 
Very important note! If you booked tickets in advance... don't forget to bring your proof for claiming your tickets and know where to claim it. 

5 Important Dos and Don'ts when in Comic Con

First off let's start with the don'ts...

  • Don't... be late. If you want to be the first in everything (like getting free stuff), you should be early in line because definitely there will be A LOT of people waiting for the convention doors to open and get their hands on convention-exclusive merch.
  • Don't... forget to bring your camera/phone (that has a camera)! How else will you immortalize your awesome time at Comic con right? 
  • Don't... miss out on activities. It's your call where to spend your time on convention activities. Be sure to check the schedule of activities throughout the day. 
  • Don't... leave your things unattended (of course!) and don't be too lax because you'll never know when someone might steal your stuff (it happens!). Always be mindful of your belongings.

  • Don't... forget to hydrate! It'll be tiring walking around the convention center and doing some running to be on time for convention activities.

Time for dos!

  • Do... buy some convention-exclusive merch. You'll never know it might be worth a lot in the future! LOL, kidding aside, it'd be cool to have a souvenir from the convention, right? Some exhibitors have big discounts only during the convention itself. So don't miss out on those great, great deals!  
  • Do... make new friends! It's awesome to have new friends that share your love for comics. It's COMIC CON! You're bound to find the group of people that share the same thing/s you love.
  • Do... respect fellow comic con goers, cosplayers and also the celebrity guests. We all want to be respected, don't we?
  • Do... go and see all the booths at Comic con. You wouldn't want to miss out on anything (important), right? 
  • Do... go to the Artist Alley. I love supporting indie/aspiring new artists, so don't forget to buy from their booth/table if you love their art. Show them some Comic con LOVE!


Usually there are lots of activities and exhibits at comic cons so don't forget to pick up the guide at the entrance so you'll know where to find the booths and exhibits around the convention area and also the schedule of activities for the day. 
As for my very first experience attending a comic con, I'll link down the previous blog post of my experience at my first biggest Comic Con I have ever attended (!). And it's Middle East Film and Comic Con in Dubai.

I hope this guide will help you get the know-how when attending your first Comic con! The most important thing to remember is to... ENJOY and have a BLAST on your very first comic con experience! 

If you're attending Amazing! Las Vegas Comic Con, please check out their website for ticket information and FAQs

til' my next post!