Tuesday, November 25, 2014

E-sports and Gaming Summit 2014!

Hi! :) (I'm not good with blog post introductions... LOL)
soo 2 weeks ago I went to the first day of E-sports and Gaming Summit 2014. Me and my kareshi were invited by one of the organizers of Comic Cons in Dubai and he is also a hardcore gamer.
Me being invited by him is a long story... I won't go into detail about it but I was very overwhelmed  because he is friends with a lot of very known personalities like Danny Choo and Katsuhiro Harada(creator of Tekken)and I never thought that I got a chance to hang out with him. ;)

Well... why did I attend ESGS?
I am a gamer since I was a little kid(probably I was 5 years old).
My first game console that I played was a Super Nintendo(SNES) then as I grew up and as gaming consoles evolve I still played video games :) I am also happy that my kareshi is a gamer too. ;)

Well... I had a few snapshots (grabbed from my kareshi's facebook page) of the event. :D

Boss Choco(the name of the guy who invited us) also invited 9 more people for ESGS. Our group were the ones who went inside the convention hall first before opening it to the public. (VIP? LOL)
that's me wearing a raglan with a white tote bag ~ LOL sometimes I don't feel like dressing up and putting makeup on... so this is one of those days. ;)

 ESGS is an event all about video games . It also held some gaming competitions and also had Indie Video games that are exhibited during the event. 

 Cute Wakfu board game! :)

 Look at me busy with updating on Facebook!

Cool Official Capcom Shirts! :)

 Met new gamer friends too(they were invited too)! :) and the guy who is wearing sunglasses is Boss Choco (His real name is long so... we call him Boss Choco) he is the one who invited us.

haha no makeup days~ 

 We ate lunch together! It's the boss' treat! ;) We ate at Bulgogi Brothers, SM Mall of Asia.


After lunch we went back to the convention hall.

I saw Alodia too! :/ Boss Choco's a friend of hers and he told us that we can take a photo with her after her speech but I had to leave early because of my job... it was an emergency so I had to.

I had to buy it because it's discounted! (If you read my past blog posts you'll probably know that I am a sucker for discounted stuff) I got this for only 2999 pesos! :) and the kind sales guy gave me a pack of Razer freebies! :)

This is rather a short blog post... because I did not snapped a lot of photos since I was very busy looking around the convention hall. :)
I thank Boss Choco for inviting me and kareshi! 
Overall I enjoyed ESGS! :D

'til my next post!
- Lyanne


Wow! I noticed that I haven't wrote anything these past few months because I was really busy working but good news is that I'm going to update my blog! 

Well... I've been to a few events recently so I'm going to write about it and also I got into a new hobby recently too!
*drum rolls*
will write a blog post about that.

2 weeks ago, I went to E-sports and Gaming Summit 2014 at SMX Convention Center... will also do a blog post about that.

This weekend there will a Funko POP related event at Resorts World Manila!

"Dancing Groot" Funko POP will be released too! :)
will probably go there on Saturday! 

Anyways... that's all for now. I will do my best to finish the blog posts that I mentioned! :D

'til my next post! 

- Lyanne <3