Wednesday, April 3, 2013

FOREVER 21: Search for my Graduation dress~ :)

Hi everyone! 

It has been a while since my last post... ^^; I was really busy because of my thesis project but I am glad it's all over! and now I'm graduating college! HOOORAAY!
really big relief! ;)
Sooo 2 weeks ago I went dress shopping for my upcoming graduation ceremony and I always thought that FOREVER 21's dresses are really my kind of style. :) So I went there and picked dresses to fit. :p Soo here I go... :)

1st Dress

 - my mom told me it was too simple~ 'cause polka dot dresses are now very common and you can buy a cheap one... This dress costs I think 1000+php... soo yeah I think it's not worth it... but I like the dress *u* I love polka dots.

 2nd Dress

--- this one O_O hmmm... I think I look more like a mom with this dress... LOL so no likey~  I think this costs like 1500+php. The fabric feels very nice though. ;)

3rd Dress

--- I definitely like this ;) So mature looking~ :)) Price: 1500+php don't know the exact price...xD

4th Dress

--- hmm I think this is too casual looking~ but I like it ;)) 'cause it's PINK! Price: 1000+php I think O.O

5th Dress

--- I  like this :) cute color and studs on the color looks really nice :) but I have to buy a belt to make it look more decent. :/ and it costs 1500+php~ and I only have 2000php on my budget and I still have to buy shoes. :/ 50-50 decision on this one...

6th Dress

--- hmm :/ too corporate looking~ LOL I look like I'm going to the office... so I think this is not it... but then again I love the's very comfortable :) Price: 1500+php

Last Dress

--- I love the color of this dress~  the's soo 50's like :) I love that era~  hmmm this would be on my check list :) Price: 1000+php but F21 is having it on SALE so this dress costs like 615php! Buy 1 take 1! I was like oh my... *o*

sooo... F21 was having a SALE so I bought some additional clothes too ;p
this bracelet costs like 300+php regular price but I bought it for 119php and earrings for free... it's for my mom ^^ a gift for her 'cause she went dress shopping with me~ it was hard to fit dresses without any assistance. ^^;

I bought two black tops~ LOL I browsed the SALE section well I didn't like the other clothes... but I never thought I bought two black tops LOL. well I love the color BLACK. :)
So this is how they look like when worn... :)

 Sooo I bought a dress that is right on my budget but I won't be posting what dress that I bought... ;) it's a surprise... our graduation ceremony will be held on Saturday so I won't be posting it and also my kareshi doesn't know what kind of dress that I bought that day... ;p 

I was glad that I bought a pair of high heels for 500php~ ;p it was also on SALE! Thank God for SALEs! :)) I forgot to transfer the photo of it on my PC though :/

 so that concludes my dress shopping experience @ F21~ will be shopping there in the near future ;p well I think whenever they have a SALE... 'cause I don't really like splurging money on reg. priced items. :)) It's being practical ;)
and I also discovered this under F21's plastic bag :)

'til my next post ;)
xoxo, LYANNE