Saturday, May 16, 2015

New Job = New Life

Haven't blogged for 2 months now... It is because I was preparing for my new job and it is my first time heading out of my home country. A lot of delays came but at last the time has come for me to go and leave my family and home country behind... I had mixed emotions... I was nervous at the same time excited and also sad because I am leaving my family and kareshi for a job in another country for the first time. 

10 Hour flight to Dubai
I had 4 people also going to Dubai with me for work. We are five people in total, heading out of the country to have a job that definitely we will enjoy because it's all about videogames! Oh yes you read it right... our job is all about working in a videogaming lounge. I was really so stoked about the idea that my experience in playing videogames ever since I was a child will land me into a job that involves videogames. I have never expected that kind of job opportunity but I thank God for leading me to this one. Okay so enough of the backstory... It was a really long flight to Dubai. Based on my experience from flying to another country... the longest flight that I had was going to Japan... Good thing I easily slept throughout the whole flight since I didn't really complete my sleep the night before  my flight.

When the plane landed... I was really excited and at the same time nervous because I am away from my family... excited because I am entering into a new adventure in my life which was awesome.
Our boss took a photo of us at the arrival area. That is me behind the white luggage.

I feel super excited for my new job here in Dubai since our company is also involve with the Comic Con community here. I'm looking forward to the conventions that we will be involving in. I will definitely blog about the opening of the gaming lounge and also the conventions that we will be attending to. 

Will update soon! ;)
- Lyanne