Monday, August 31, 2015

Hi Dubai! - Kinokuniya, The Dubai Mall

And yet another Hi Dubai blog post! :) I hope you liked my previous post about The Dubai Mall.
Here's the link of my previous post:

One of my fave places in The Dubai mall is of course...
All of the otaku, geeky and bookworm stuff are probably there.
Kinokuniya is a Japanese bookstore chain operated by Kinokuniya Company Ltd. (株式会社紀伊國屋書店 Kabushiki-gaisha Kinokuniya Shoten), founded in 1927, with its first store located in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It means "Store of Kii Province".(from Wikipedia)

The first Kinokuniya store I visited was in Singapore like 2 years ago, I was super happy because I love art books and they have like a bunch of them at Kinokuniya and also Japanese magazines that are really rare to find in my home country.

On this blog post I will photo spam all of the things that I saw inside Kinokuniya well mostly
the geeky stuff. LOL!

Let the photo spam begin!
and oh the photos I took are from the first time that I went to Kinokuniya! :D

Hello Kinokuniya! :D

First ones I had to check out...were... 

STAR WARS stuff! lol 

DARTH VADER!! (sadly I did not buy one)

There were more Star Wars stuff but I was not able to take photos of it all just the ones that really caught my attention. :)


I love Funko Pop! Although I left my collection in PH because I can't really bring them here in Dubai.

next is Otaku stuff!

I collect One Piece figures too! :)
I blogged about it months ago you can check it out >>>


I'm like... *heavy breathing
I want to have em all! 

more figures... 
they have a lot I just did not took a photo of them all.

and... I also celebrated my birthday few weeks ago.
I turned 24 this year. :D
My boss told me to pick what I like for my birthday as a gift from him 
when me, my colleagues and my boss(we were like a family lol) went to Kinokuniya on my birthday.
It was so cool of him! :)

So I got... of course...


I love it!! :D so happy! :)

and this ends my Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall post! ;)

I'm planning to blog about food choices you can find in Dubai Mall.
So you can try it out when you visit Dubai.

I hope you liked my blog post!
'til next time!

- Lyanne <3