Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Holika Holika~ (I'm soo Outdated LOL)

I haven't blogged for months... so now I have time... :)
I just want to share to you this really awesome Korean brand

Me and my best friend went SM Manila so she showed me the Holika Holika section at the department store(I did not know that Holika Holika is in the Philippines...the Holika Holika lady said it has been 1 year since they launched the brand here...FAIL for being outdated LOL!)... I read a lot of reviews that Holika Holika products are great. I was really looking forward to have Holika Holika here in the Philippines and well since Korean Cosmetic brands are popular here nowadays so it wasn't really impossible for them to launch their brand here...(since Etude House is really popular here) Anyways... here's the Holika Holika section at SM Manila.
Look at the pretty poster of Park Shin Hye *o*

The Holika Holika Saleslady was really friendly and enthusiastic when it comes to recommending products and also sharing why the products are good compared to other Korean Cosmetic brands...
My best friend wasn't planning to buy anything though...LOL but she ended up buying these masks...One for me and her.

She chose Apple Mint Tea and I chose Lavender Tea 'cause the Holika Holika lady said we have Oily type of skin so she recommended these to us. :) The Holika Holika lady was so nice and pretty... that we are so convinced on buying (even though we just took a look around the section to see what Holika Holika products that are available there.)

Well as for the result for the masks effectiveness...
I LOVED it! It's a MUST try product of Holika Holika :) The Lavender Tea one is for reducing skin blemishes. I forgot about what's with the Apple Mint Tea though... xD LOL

Anyway... that's about it... I am planning to write a blog post about my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED products that you must try to have healthy skin! :) So watch out for that.

Thanks for reading! :)
'til my next blog post!
<3 Lyanne