Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Collective Haul~ Late Updates

well~ I haven't updated my blog recently sooo~ meh... :/ These are the products I have purchased for the month of July...LOL! soo yeah... will do some reviews on some products and also the eye cream that I got from my friend from Taiwan! :) Will do a review on that too 'cause it is super effective! :)

From Left to Right
Lucido L Straightening Milk Hair Supplement (295php, available @ SM Dept. Store Watsons), Nivea Extra Whitening Lotion(my fave brand), Etude House Happy Fresh Foam White Clay (228php, available @ Etude House & SM Dept. Store Etude House kiosk)(unfortunately my Hada Labo facial wash ran out :( so I need to buy a facial wash somehow) and Goody Ionic Style Brush (369.75php I think that's the price as I have remembered, available @ SM Dept. Store)

Lucido L Straightening Milk Hair Supplement

Happy Fresh Foam White Clay

and I also purchased some clothes... LOL 'cause it was on SALE! I'm a sucker for SALES! :p

F21 had a sale just recently soo yeah~ 
Ankle length Pants for 555php(I just can't really recall the exact price) and 50% off of that striped shirt... well usually the price ranges for like 1000php so most likely I got the top for half the price... :)

This really unique styled jacket that I got from Terranova~ from the regular price of 2445php... I just got it for 695php! 72% OFF! so happy! ;)


and oh! I got this a long time ago... but I had to share it 'cause it's soo awesome! I got AMOSCREAM!
AMO is my fave KERA model~ a big ARIGATOU to my aunt for answering my request~ ;)

and I also got 3 invites for the upcoming Etude House Princess Academy Event... my other aunt also gave me these... but I had to give it away since I am not available on that time of the event... :( sad...
the invitations looked soo cute~ *o*
You need an invitation to enter the Etude House event~ :) From what I have heard(since I'm not updated)  Etude House gives you 1 invitation per 500php purchase on their store and also they gave away invitations on their facebook page just recently... but I'm not sure if you can still get invitations right now... 

and also! good news for those gals who want to purchase PALTY HAIR COLOR FOAM! it is now available @ SM Dept. Store Watsons section! :) for 499php...although availability of colors are varied... but still awesome!
this photo I took from the Cubao SM branch...

so that's it for my other updates... :)

so what to look forward on my next blog posts?
I'm going to review the eye cream that my friend gave me and that is...
old packaging...

new packaging...

I got the old one though~ LOL

thinking of doing a review for that hair brush that I bought and the Lucido L Hair supplement too :)

I'm looking forward to trying ARTISTRY products~ 'cause I'm thinking of changing brand... I know it's a really quick decision since I just recently switched to Hada Labo... 'cause I joined AMWAY Business just recently too... and when I learned about ARTISTRY products... I wanted to switch brand... like now! LOL! well ARTISTRY products existed since 1968~ and they are one of the top 5 prestige beauty brands...(ex. Shiseido, Clinique, Lancome, Estee Lauder)

these are their Balancing Skin Care Range... since I have a Combination type of skin...

these are their Whitening range... ARTISTRY Ideal Radiance

and the new 'face' of ARTISTRY is the actress from the movie WARM BODIES...
Teresa Palmer!

I am really looking forward to try ARTISTRY products very soon! Will post reviews of ARTISTRY products and also how to purchase it! :)