Wednesday, January 16, 2013


soo here's le me blogging about "what's in my bag?" xD I was actually bored because I'm still waiting for my thesis groupmate to finish cleaning up keyframes~ oh well ;p


I was itching to blog about this LOL~ that I actually used to edit this photo 

 fail~ LOL! 'cause my groupmate is still using my PC and I'm using my sister's laptop ^^;;
soo yaaah~ things in my bag:
  1. Hello Kitty Pencil case and Mickey & Minnie Pencil Case - I separate my pens and pencils so it's easier for me to find the ones I need.
(too lazy to edit photos... LOL!)

so here I put my pens, whiteboard markers ,highlighters and that cute lil scissors(don't underestimate it! ;p I find it useful.)

since I'm an animation student... I need pencils, leads, erasers etc... yeah I put them in here. (I chose the black pencil case so it wouldn't look dirty because of the pencil shavings.)

2. My Lippie case~ LOL! (more like an arsenal...)

From L-R: Nivea Pinkish Boost,Dovera Lipstick (Flirty & Heaven), Maybelline Baby Lips Glow, Maybelline Baby Lips Color (Pink Lolita & Rose Addict)

and oh yeah~ I put my Hello Kitty Oil blotting paper inside my Lippie arsenal case!LOL! 

3. Donut Tape Magic Tape case - I need for emergency taping stuff LOL! xD jk~ well I bought it for my portfolio class assignment~ I just have to purchase the PINK one of course! LOL! I have this color PINK obsession! 

4. Combs and Hello Kitty mini hair brush

you'll probably wondering why I have two combs...LOL~ 'cause there's a thing in my school/class/even our countrymen's habit that they ask for your comb for them to borrow~ and yes no offense folks I just don't like lending my comb/s... well they might think that I was such a neat freak or they might feel insulted that they might think that I think of them having an infectious hair disease or something... I decided to have extra combs for them to borrow. ;p I was just too nice to just let them borrow it. LOL!
and yes that Hello Kitty hair brush is for my own PERSONAL use only! :))

5. Watsons All Purpose Tissue - it's a must have for girls right? ;)

6. Isopropyl Alcohol - extra protection from getting sick. ;)) Clean hands means not getting SICK! :D

7. Marie coin purse w/ buncha keychains - this coin purse is really valuable to me. I bought this during my Japan trip 4 years ago~ and I still use it. It's kinda torn actually~ I'm still looking for a replacement for this one. As for those keychains~ also valuable... 'cause it's from friends and souvenirs from Anime cons.

8. Wallet - Of course this is an important thing~ who doesn't have a wallet anyway? 

9. Magic the Gathering Deck Box - (that I totally forgot to include in the photo) 

believe it or not I play MTG~ LOL! I have White Green Golem Deck~ blame my childhood friend who influenced me to play this card game 2 years ago~ :)) I love playing it... it's more like DOTA(Defense Of  The Ancients) in the form of playing cards. I'm more like the BEAUTY and a GEEK! LOL! >u< I always carry this inside my bag in case someone challenged me to play. LOL!

Well that's the end of my "What's in BAG?"  blog post. ;))
soo what's in your bag? feel free to leave a comment ;)
xoxo, Lyanne