Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Singapore Trip Collective haul! :)

Yosh! :D soo yeah~ I'm going to show you the stuff I bought from Singapore~ :) nothing expensive much~ cause I'm still a student and yeah some of the money that I used to buy stuff is from what I have saved before I went to Singapore and money from Christmas. LOL :) So here I go! :D

Okay~ soo these are the beauty products I bought... :) I'll describe them from left to right:

  1. Hada Labo Whitening Milk (bought @ Centerpointe mall from the drugstore there, $20.90 it was on sale. regular price is $22.90)
  2. Hada Labo Whitening Lotion (bought @ Sasa Centerpointe mall, $22.90)
  3. Hada Labo SHA Hydrating Face Wash (bought @ Fair Price Supermarket, $13.90)
  4. Palty Hair Color (bought @ Watsons Vivo City, $13.90) and oh yeah the nail polish was free from the palty I bought :)
  5. I don't know what that velcro thingy's called... you can stick it on your hair so you can move away your bangs from your face xD (bought @ Sasa, $1.90, includes 2pcs of velcro thingy inside)
--- maybe after a month I'll be doing some reviews on my Hada Labo skin stuff :) so far I'm sooo loving it~ even though it's really expensive when I convert Sing dollars to Philippine peso.

STUFF bought from BUGIS Street. Bugis street is a really cool place for young people 'cause of the fashion stuff there. :) That place is really made for the youngsters. ;)

  1.  Singapore keychain (you can buy 6 for $10)
  2. Pink Wallet ($15) - I bought it from a really nice old lady. :)
  3. Spiky bracelet --- that my sister bought for me :) ($5)

 Me and my family went to Sentosa and we just went to Universal Studios just to take pictures of the huge globe ;D and I bought a little souvenir, a Silver ribbon headband for $5! It was on sale so I grabbed the opportunity to buy it :)) regular price @ $9.90!

This Persona 4 Art book is a gift for my boyfriend~ LOL he's also an animation student just like me. :) He likes Persona so when I went to Kinokuniya @ Takashimaya S.C., I looked for something that I could buy for him.(cause I wasn't able to spend the holidays with him since he was left in the Philippines)
I first got my hands on the english version one~ but it was soooo EXPENSIVE! It was I think $63! D: I mean I can't really spend that kind of amount since I have limited budget. So I had this idea to ask for a Japanese version and I know it's much cheaper(obviously! cause not everyone can read in Japanese) I went to ask at the Japanese section help desk and yay! they have one! >u< So happy! the price was @ $44.90! I saved $20! :) 

STUFF FROM DAISO, Plaza Singapura 

All items @ $2! So I just grabbed stuff that I need~ :D I love that they have Hello Kitty Stuff too~ 
  1. Hello Kitty Plastic pencil case
  2. Hello Kitty Oil blotting paper(50 sheets)
  3. Hello Kitty Mini Hair Brush
  4. Magnetic Whiteboard eraser
  5. Magnetic Whiteboard
  6. Highlighter, Colored whiteboard markers and pink pen(actually I bought it per pack~ I just got the pink ones and gave the rest to my sister :) It came with different colors, the highlighters and pens)
I also bought souvenirs for my closest friends but I did not took a photo of the stuff~ 

So yeah~ that ends my collective haul~ I'm looking forward to go back to Singapore 'cause I really love shopping there and also the tourist attractions there.('cause we did not really went to all of them) Also maybe I could work there after my graduation. I thank God that I have an aunt there. ;)

I might posts photos from my days in Singapore. I'll just have to filter it~ it's too many :)) I might post a summarized version of my trip there.

until my next post! xoxo, Lyanne
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