Thursday, November 7, 2013

なつかし!Nostalgia~ JAPAN 2008: Harajuku (How I wish I could teleport there like now!)

I really really regret that during the time that I went to Japan... the only interest I had were ANIME, VIDEOGAMES & MANGA... :( ;A; Now I cry... 'cause I really really want to explore more of Harajuku! Well... I was 17 back then :/ but still... *cries Me wants to go back to Harajuku! LOL! I love Harajuku fashion now... :( anyways... how I wish I snapped a lot of photos there... :/ (I have no digital camera back then) Here are the few photos that I have of Harajuku...(my aunt took these photos ^_^)

 my derpy 17 year old look LOL xD (dat hair! LOL )
Laforet just opened at that time. :)
- me and my aunt went to Harajuku because we visited her husband's workplace at that time. :)

 me and my aunt eating shawarma. ;p

Places that I want to visit in Harajuku:

I love Danny Choo's snaps around Harajuku... :) you can look at his post here>>

-- I didn't even tried crepes there :(
This photo is from a different post from Danny Choo this is about Takeshita Street, Harajuku. Click the link here >>>
 almost all the snaps Danny Choo took were the places that I really want to check out. 

Oh well... LOL! Someday over the rainbow I can visit Harajuku again! :D and also Akihabara! I didn't get to visit Akihabara too due to my aunt's work... she was busy back then. Well... there's always a next time! LOL!

If you want to know more about Japan you can visit Danny Choo's site >>>
My fave website ever! :) 

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'til my next post!
<3, Lyanne